I2I Student Project Cell


● I2I-SPC is a right platform for students to come together and excel their imagination into real life of Engineering. It aims to Promote hands on experience projects with skill based Education.

● The Products of 21st century works with collaboration of various branches. Until or unless there is collaboration; we cannot witness innovation. Imagine to Innovate is a place collaborates all the young minds of the world.

● Students are the building blocks of any country. We believe that goals of a student cannot be met effectively unless the students are given the appropriate channels to accomplish them. So it is essential to extract; polish; make use; promote new ideas of young aspirants of world.

● I2I is the initiation which not only sticks to a particular field but tries to navigate in the direction of development of practicality in students as well as in the country.

● The concept of the I2I-SPC to run of coordination bond and innovative projects for longer time. Once the founders pass out from the college the team have to manage by the juniors and so on.


  • I2I strives students to excel their imagination into reality by providing hands on experience based education to develop green mobility and future technologies.
  • I2I encounter new ways of thinking and being in the world and also experience management, managerial. leadership; communication; public speaking skills.


  • Student activities creates and shares a passion for engagement and development by immersing students in exciting experiences.
  • To enhance students life in acquiring knowledge regarding green mobility; technical innovation and building products.


  • To promote and enhance the practical skills and knowledge in students among the University and guide its members to inherit Innovation as a hobby or even as a career.
  • The club shall facilitate the creation of networks to foster a role and appreciation of Innovation and Practical knowledge among students.
  • The club ensures students to participate National & International competitions, where those Eco-Friendly competitions make students to learn new things, explore and fight against the failures.
  • The club ensures to generate a great Vision, Perception, and Ideology among the students and make sure to overcome real time problems in manufacturing Real-Time Products.
  • It shall enhance exchange of information among students to build up strong scientific/ engineering career.
  • It will try to promote technical aspects, Real science & Engineering among women, to give them a leading edge to step into the 21st century, thus helping to transform the system of education, and transforming India.
  • It will try to promote scientific education to the students studying diploma and instil among them a desire for Science and Technology.
  • The students will be given several opportunities to visit industries, which will groom their technical skills and knowledge.
  • There will be several awards for the students, appreciation awards, and best student chapter of the year.
  • Provided additional exposure for members as well as chapters through the various design competitions and with the recognition and award programs.
  • Build friendships and future contacts with other Engineering students.
  • I2I will be conducting various scholarship tests And Subsidies Scheme's.
  • Platform to work on Unique and eco-friendly Innovation.
  • I2I student project cell is a government certified company which will be useful for accreditations like NAAC, NBA, and AICTE etc.

Once The Student Project Cell Is Formed:

  1. I2I organizes hands on experience woekshops; Training sessions; Interships.
  2. I2I organizes seminar talks by top automobile MNC companies.
  3. I2I organizes Start Up talks which will help for future entrepreneurs.
  4. I2I organizes Expert talks which will help them to known Opportunities in the world.
  5. I2I organizes Personality Development Programs which will help them for developing self confidence;communication;public speaking;Leadership skills etc.
  6. I2I SPC students can participate events organized by I2I.
  7. I2I will be giving several opportunities to the students to expose to industrial visits which will groom their technical skills.
  8. I2I SPC students can participate in National Projects Expos organized by i2i.
  9. I2I SPC students can participate in scholarship tests organized by I2I.
  10. I2I SPC helps in building network of contacts, having opportunities to gain experience in management and managerial activies.
  11. I2I SPC helps in mini projects and final year projects.
  12. I2I SPC helps in journals publications.
  13. I2I SPC helps in for patent rights.
  14. I2I SPC helps in internship and placement opportunities.

Guidelines To Open I2I-SPC:

Proposal: Any student/faculty who wants to establish an SPC will have to submit an initial proposal & Application form to the I2I (Academic and Corporate Relation Cell). The I2I will review the proposal to ascertain the necessity and study the feasibility and to make sure that an organization should ful􀃶ll the required criteria.

Application Approval: If the proposal is found satisfactory by the I2I (Academic and Corporate Relation Cell), it shall be processed to obtain the „Approval of necessity‟ from chief patron of SPC. This process may take seven to ten working days. If the proposal is not found satisfactory then the promoter will be advised to resubmit the proposal with suggested modifcation within 7 working days.

Approval of Constitution: After appointment of Facilitator, the promoter shall proceed to frame the “constitution” of the organization under the guidance of Facilitator. The promoter will have to submit the constitution within 10 working days after the approval of proposal.

The constitution: The “constitution” will act as the framework against which the SPC will be managed. The format of the constitution has been prescribed in the annexure (Annexure II) in student project proposal.

Enrolment: Thereafter, the promoter will initiate an enrolment process to add members to the SPC under the supervision of the Facilitator and 􀃶nal details of the member must be submitted to I2I.

Appointment of Organization Board (OB): OB will be formed after the enrolment which thereafter will be responsible for the activities of the Organization. Along with the application form, you must submit the details of member, OB member and Facility adviser.

Bank Account of Organization: The OB will open a bank account in the name of the SPC. the Name Must include I2I-SPC-ABC College/university. One of the banks located in the premises of the University/college or nearest branch. This will be jointly operated by the Facilitator and the Treasurer of the SPC.

Registration Certificate: To complete the registration process and to become a recognized Organization with a valid registration no. allotted, the Organization board will have to submit a Registration packet to I2I, containing the following

  1. Application form.
  2. The name, designation and contact number of the facilitator.
  3. The details of Organization Board and General Members. The format is given in this proposal.
  4. The Constitution of the SPC.
  5. An acknowledgment signed by all the members of the Organization that the Organization will always keep themselves abreast with the latest rules and policies of the I2I/University/College and strictly abide these while carrying out the activities of the Organization.
  6. A unique SPC Registration No. (SOR no.) Will be given to the Organization for all future official references
  7. The position of promoter will be dissolved immediately after the registration. The Organization board (OB) here onwards will be responsible for all administrative tasks.

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